Our Children. . .

For our youth ages 3-5 years of age, each 45 minute or  1-hour session includes a variety of activities geared towards both introducing and improving literacy skills including, but not limited to:

• Reading a book and discussing what happened

• Reviewing the alphabet and letter sounds

• Singing songs

• Arts & Crafts inspired by the books read

• English and Spanish vocabulary; Rhyming & Opposites

• Opportunities to read freely individually, with peers, parents, or program hosts

• Number, Color, & Shape recognition

• Letter Tracing and Name Writing

• Learning through puppetry

• Creating with play dough

• Dramatic Play

• Pretend/Real-life cooking to introduce new vocabulary and measurement

• Review of Currency (dollars and cents)

• Sight words and introduction to reading on their own

Our youth ages 6-9 may further develop their skills through:

• Educational board games

• Reviewing parts of speech

• Reviewing the various types of book genres

• Boosting reading and math skills via educational apps

• Reviewing spelling, grammar, and vocabulary, through trivia games

Our 10-12 year old develop skills through activities such as:

• Expanding vocabulary through games and writing prompts

• Earning the latest books by winning games and participating

• Completing science experiments that encourage the use of new vocabulary, writing, and teamwork

• Improving knowledge of units of measurement through following recipes and procedures such as through and cooking and building

No matter what

the activity, our

youth ALWAYS

have a great time!