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The Book Champion Student Volunteer Program an extension of The Exit Library Program. Book Champion is open to middle school and high school students and youth groups. Students host a book drive and/or board game drive and collect reading nook supplies and school supplies for formerly homeless children who have just moved from a shelter program into their own home. Children in need from low-income homes are also served by this program.


  • Offer a volunteer opportunity to students who will self-organize and spearhead a service project from start to finish
  • Allow student volunteers to assist in providing formerly homeless and low-income families with a reading nook in their new home to emphasize the importance of continuous education and reading
  • Encourage participants to utilize communication skills effectively within a group and when interacting one-on-one with others
  • Encourage participants to work together towards a common goal as a team with peers or their community
  • Encourage participants to make a positive impact within their community
  • Offer community service hours to middle school and high school students and youth groups

Book Champion Volunteer Program Guidelines:

Parent/Group Leader Permission Form: