Mission Statement:

  • This program seeks to revive the need to read in children and adolescents in an effort to promote a healthy view of the importance of literacy, creativity, and imagination.
  • We seek to aid in the academic and future professional success of our children by encouraging reading as a means to acquire developmentally-appropriate social, emotional, cognitive, and language skills.

Our Story

The Need2Read Program, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the state of New Jersey. It's main program, Need2Read, was created in November 2014 to fill the need for a supplemental resource for the children and families of Family Promise-Union County. Family Promise-Union County is an organization located in Elizabeth, NJ, that offers temporary and emergency housing to homeless families.

Named after the organization, Need2Read, our weekly literacy program, launched on March 1, 2015 during a celebration of "Read Across America Day" which was offered to the children served by Family Promise-Union County. Since April 14, 2015, the organization has followed up with its weekly literacy program which travels to various congregations housing families overnight in the local community.  The Need2Read Program, Inc. has since launched several program and services including, Need2Share, an initiative to donate books and educational resources to local preschools, elementary, middle, and high schools throughout communities in New Jersey. Project7, a 7th grade service-learning project, celebrated its 3rd year of service to 7th grade service-learning students in April 2018. Project7 introduces students to the disheartening link between poverty and illiteracy while providing opportunities for these students to offer community service by working with disadvantaged youth. Students are challenged to create lesson plans for use in an actual Need2Read session and also have the opportunity to investigate new ways to tackle reading and writing issues among students in their own schools.

The Need2Read Program plans to launch a family literacy initiative and reward program called "#WeRead" to encourage families in poverty to read to their children and to introduce literacy in exciting and creative ways that can be enjoyed by the entire family. In 2019 the Need2Read Program will launch its "R3" (Read, Reflect, & Respond) Book Club for parents and teens in the community. Need2Read will also support local communities with a reading workshop for children in Pre-K through first grade. In this workshop, children will learn to read and improve reading comprehension skills. The organization will also offer a writing camp for middle and high school students where they can learn how to write a book and have the opportunity to publish their book at the end of the workshop.

OUR beginning...

Our Impact...

Thinking Ahead...

Our Programs & Services

Need2Read- weekly literacy program for homeless youth

Need2Share- book donation program for businesses and schools

Project7- 7th grade service-learning program

Exit Library Program- donation of children's reading nooks in the new homes of previously homeless families and those in low-income homes

TutorUs- a free tutoring service for homeless and formerly homeless youth

Need2Read Club- after school high school club which volunteers, advocates for and brings awareness to the importance of literacy for every member of the community

Book Champion- high school community service initiative which hosts book and board game drives, collects school supplies, and reading nook supplies, to be used in conjunction with efforts of The Exit Library Program